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David has over 35 years of experience in post-acute healthcare. He began at Red Line Medical Supply in south Florida, later acquired by McKesson. He excelled as a Territory Manager in Florida, District Manager in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, and Director of National Accounts.

Post-Red Line/McKesson, David was VP of National Accounts at Encompass (6 years) and Joerns Healthcare (6 years). He initiated a Purchasing Division for former Harborside Healthcare, Boston. Known in the LTC community, he engaged in health associations across the state and national levels.

He participated in HIDA, LINK, and LTC-100 events and spoke at vendor-partner conferences. In 2013, he co-founded Committed Buying Alliance, PROcure Advantage, with an LTC Operator partner. Starting with six owner/operators, now 15 members operate 400+ facilities with 42,000+ beds.

Aggregating volume to lower costs, PROcure Advantage's growth is calculated. They introduced the "Committed Participant Member" category. David holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Tennessee Wesleyan University. He's a Mt. Olive Ministries Trustee, residing in Tennessee with his wife Marilyn, five children, and six grandchildren.

An avid Tennessee Volunteers fan and mediocre golfer, David explores the country with Marilyn in their motorhome.

David Sherlin

David Sherlin
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