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We started with 16,500 beds in 2014 and have grown almost 300% in less than a decade.



40% lower vendor transaction fees means more ROI for your company.



We started with just two active vendor contracts. This year, we'll reach more than 100 and continue to grow, which means a lot more choices and higher-value products for our members.



We've been providing high-quality healthcare savings for over a decade, gaining valuable experience along the way. Our members are our top priority and we value their expertise enormously. By combining our knowledge and trust, we have an exceptional understanding of the industry. We'd love to have you join us!


864 billion

According to the HSCA, organizations like PROcure Advantage have reduced healthcare costs by up to 55 billion annually (864 billion over 10-years). And that's good for everybody.

See some of our vendor-partners

1. Strength in Numbers

Our purchasing volume greatly exceeds that of the largest chain in post-acute healthcare. We leverage this scale for every member, regardless of their size.

2. Superior Pricing

Our sole objective is to save money by leveraging "Best Pricing". We have no profit or shareholder interests as we are owned exclusively by providers.

3. Strategic Value & Time Savings

We help members save time and money by providing support in researching new products, obtaining competitive quotes, and negotiating favorable pricing, regardless of purchasing power.

4. Spending Analysis & Quality Contracts

Our eCommerce platform, Procurement Partners, analyzes spending across memberships to identify significant goods and services in each category. This results in transparent data and cost reduction.

Why join PROcure?

PROcure Advantage is the largest Committed Buying Alliance (CBA) in the nation, 100% owned and managed by member-providers with a straightforward objective: drive costs out of the system.

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