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We are provider-owned and provider-managed CBA.  We don't have any third-party interests.  This keeps our focus where it should be - leveraging our group's power for better prices.

We are not a traditional GPO

You've got everything to gain.

Our membership represents more than 500 facilities, making us the largest post-acute buying alliance in the country.  Being a part of PROcure Advantage amounts to a huge savings for all of us.  Don't let another PO go out before joining so you can save big.

We are a Committed Buying Alliance (CBA) - a collective group of buyers with one sole purpose: To pool our aggregated buying power so we can purchase in volume, negotiate better pricing, and meet compliance.

The better way to buy.

Whispering to Granddad

The power of our alliance. 

PROcure Advantage is the trusted choice

for post-acute healthcare providers to save big.

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