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She is a wonderful woman and deserves it.  My thoughts always go back to my dad and growing up. She helped train my dad (along with Burt) to be the healthcare president that HCF needed. She mentored him and ended up mentoring me. She held me after I was born and made a promise to my dad and I that she would mentor me and make me successful in a building before she retired.  I have always thought of her as my work mom because she was hard on me but molded me into the administrator I am today. She has fulfilled her promise and now I wish her the best in retirement but to remember to visit me in the coming years!

  • Kevan Unverferth, HCF/Roselawn Manon

I have a recent story that epitomizes Barb in every way. Barb told me about her retirement plans in December.  I was going to be in Detroit the following week, so I told her I’d love to drive down and take her to lunch or dinner in Fostoria.  I told her we could go anywhere- let’s celebrate.  She got back to me 30 minutes later with her culinary request- The Chili’s on the West side of Toledo.  Classic Barb- I think she even offered to pay. While most of the world struggles to let everyone know how significant and valuable, they are, Barb is one person who loves you no matter what- and has been an incredible inspiration to me and the way I treat people over the years.

  • Tyler Dugar, First Quality

Barb is passionate, resident centered, full of energy, and extremely loyal.

  • Scott Unverferth, HCF Management

I wanted to let you (and her) know how much she meant to Jim and our family. Barb, and her husband David, were very much like family to us.  Our kids enjoyed being with them.  Both of them have stood beside us during hard times and were there celebrating with us during the good times.  Over the years Barb became Jim’s best friend.  He ran many scenarios past her to get her input.  Barb has also been a mentor to a couple of our kids.  She demanded they do their best.  Her work ethic helped mold them into the adults they are now.  Barb and David sat through many basketball games for our kids. To think, they didn’t need to go but they did.  Barb is always energetic.  It was never easy to keep up with her.   I really can’t say enough about this woman.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention her husband David. At most of the conferences, Barb and Jim had to leave David and me to our own defenses.  We passed many afternoons with David entertaining me with funny stories about past escapades. (And he had a lot of stories to tell).  And when Jim and Barb would join us later there would be more reminiscing and more laughter.  My family and I wish Barb a great retirement.  We will definitely miss her.  We wish only the very best for her.  Only hope she finds time in her busy schedule to come and visit us.

  • Joni Unverferth, President-HCF Management

My initial thoughts about Barb (who hired me as her assistant 30 years ago) – Barb is “no non-sense”, she gets things done faster and more efficient than most – HCF has always been ahead of the industry because of her insight.  Barb is one-of-a-kind and well respected.  She will be missed by me, HCF and the industry but we all wish her the very, very best in retirement!

  • Penny Bercaw, HCF Management

What an honor it was to serve with Barb on Procure Advantage Board.  Barb has been a long time pioneer in this industry and will truly be missed.

  • Jason Mahlman, The Goodman Group

If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to offer a few words about Barb.  I have worked alongside her for the past 12 years as her Assistant and it has been one enjoyable ride working for her!  While there have been some people/positions that have changed over here at our office due to people leaving or their roles changing, she has been my one constant.  We at HCF talk about how we are all family but Barb is truly family to me and I will miss her terribly when she retires.  Her generosity and compassion are two of the characteristics that I admire most about her; especially her compassion for our residents.  She is truly their advocate and will do whatever she can for them.  Her love for long term care is beyond measure!  She truly is one of a kind!  HCF and I are lucky to have had her wisdom and knowledge on our side for as long as we have.  As the old cliché goes, those will be some big shoes to fill!

  • Carrie Karhoff, HCF Management

My name is Doug Hartnett and I work for Gordon Food Service.  I have been the corporate contact with HCF since February 2002. Coming up on 17-years! It’s an amazing organization and I have been blessed to be part of their vendor community. Thank you for asking for comments about Barb.  I have had the pleasure of working with her since the beginning of our partnership and I can honestly say she is one of the most genuine people I have met in this business.  Her enthusiasm is unmatched; her love of all things HCF and its people is unrivaled. If did not know any better, I would swear her last name was Unverferth. 🙂   It will be a sad day when she retires.  Since Jim’s passing, she is the person I most associate with HCF, along with Susan, Beth and Jill.

I knew this day would come eventually and it’s sad, but I hope Barb enjoys her retirement.  She certainly deserves every bit of peace and happiness.

  • Doug Hartnett, Gordon Food Service

There are so many wonderful comments that can be said about Barb, Jim and the entire HCF team.  I think of loyalty, commitment, dedication, passion… the list goes on and on.  When you add it up it has an impact on all of us in the way of inspiration.  Barb is truly an inspiration for all us – not because of what she says (and she is not shy about that!) but in her actions. Barb told me a story about her grandchildren whom she absolutely adores!  She said that instead of playing house they use to play Nursing Home.  One day Barb was listening to them prepare to play “Nursing Home” and one child wants to be the Administrator and another the owner…  but the one granddaughter wants to be grandma.  Barb who was listen walks up and asks why do you want to me??  Her granddaughter says – because I want to be the one in charge!!”   She got that right!!  Barb inspires leadership to young and old.

  • Jim Ripperger, First Quality

I have worked in post-acute care for over 40 years, 25 years with HCF and Barb Masella.  It’s been both an honor and a privilege to work with Barb, an individual that touched thousands of residents, their families, staff, vendors and partners. Thank you, Barb, for setting high standards and expectations.  Although I could not be with you today, please know how deeply proud and grateful I am for your love, guidance and friendship over the years.  Cheers, David

  • David Walsh, Hospice of Southwest Ohio

Barb, in 1990 I walked into the original HCF Corporate office at 2615 Fort Amanda Road in Lima Ohio. At the time, I was living outside Philadelphia and was a District Manager for Red Line Medical (eventually acquired by McKesson). I was there for my original meeting with Jim Unverferth and, while I don’t recall a lot of the details about that meeting, I do recall one thing in particular. It  was important to Jim that, before I left, I had to meet his VP of Clinical. That was my first encounter with you Barb and it was memorable. I was so impressed with your grasp of our industry, your command of the clinical side of the business and your wealth of knowledge about our industry in general. It was clear to me, even then, that Jim had introduced me to his General, his Chief of Staff. That one person that he went to no matter what because he trusted you implicitly. Over the course of the last 29 years, you’ve been a faithful and dependable guiding force for Jim and all of HCF. Your thoughts, opinions and comments mattered because for as long as I’ve known you, you’ve kept the main thing, the main thing. Your entire career has been focused on taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves. You’ve made that your top priority and in an industry that continues to take its licks, you’ve been the North Star, that guiding light that constantly points all of us in the right direction and pushes us back to the center. You’re that constant reminder of why we do what we do. Thank you for always being true to your calling. Thank you for mentoring me and so many others. Your legacy will live on, but we will miss you!

  • David Sherlin, PROcure Advantage

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