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Welcome to PROcure Advantage- the perfect choice for post-acute healthcare providers to save big!

We’re a committed buying alliance for all post-acute healthcare.  By combining our volume and leveraging that volume we all grow stronger together. By simply locking arms with other providers we’ve unleashed the “Power of Partnership.”

We give you access to a network that has negotiated the best pricing in the industry.

With healthcare going through considerable changes and consolidation, and where smaller companies are frequently subject to mergers and acquisitions, we can make things easier and save you money. By working together as a unified group,everyone benefits. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, and thanks to our established networks, you’re able to buy like a much larger operator without having the numbers to justify the increased volume.

The Power of Partnership

Where We Came From & How We Work

PROcure Advantage was founded to help nursing home providers better manage costs.

We aggregate volume to drive down the costs of products and services.  PROcure Advantage simply provides a network clearing house so you can enjoy bulk discounts even when buying small. We understand that every dollar counts.

PROcure Advantage is not a traditional GPO. Traditional GPOs are prevalent, but do little to drive compliance and their results can be diluted since they have the pressure of not only saving money but also trying to “make” money for their shareholders.

We believe the small and mid-size chains deserve the same opportunity as the large multi-facility chains to leverage their combined beds and enjoy significant savings.

PROcure Advantage provides the perfect platform for efficient and successful purchasing. With a vast vendor portfolio, we offer an entire range of products and services, all in a one-stop shop. We take the hassle out of sourcing and allow you to focus on what really matters- providing resident care.

The Power of Partnership

PROcure Advantage- Better Deals, Real Results!

When you lock arms with PROcure Advantage, you’ll see that we really do deliver what we promise. Credibility is critical and the results are reflected in our numbers. We offer a true deliverable. Whatever you need, we strive to provide you with the best costs in the market without compromising quality. Thanks to our effective internal vetting process, we take all the hassle out of the decision for you. We offer both sole source and dual source contracts.

We’re currently partnered with more than 400 post-acute facilities and we’re growing fast.

Let us show you, risk-free, how you can purchase smarter and save tremendous money on the items you already purchase. We are “stronger together.” It’s a new way of doing business. It’s the “POWER OF PARTNERSHIP.”

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